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Our Main Activities

E-Commerce Stores

MAGENTO. The best solution when it comes to E-Commerce and on-line stores. Unlimeted futures, there'll be virtually no-limits in your E-Store settings. And as a plus, we offer our experience in SEM & SEO (Google AdWords Campaigns)


Wordpress & Joomla! The great dinamicity and the accessibility to users that are new to webmastering makes these two CMS a must for whose that are approcing the www world as well as for many experienced users that take wordpress and joomla to high levels.


CMF. Content Management Framework: taking flexibility to reality. Already used by many Government, Enterprises and Major organizations, Drupal's been gaining more and more popularity among webmasters and teams that need great flexibility as long as the advantages that modules like view take with them.

Project Management

Taking your ideas into reality. We turn your ideas in a project and the project in reality. We're really excited about the prospect of be part of your success! Let's work toghether and take care of your on-line store/project. And don't forget that our web solution are FULLY RESPONSIVE!


Multilingual E-Commerce Solutions Fully Responsive for mobiles, tablets ecc. One of our core-business: we've NEVER built a website without give you the opportunity to extend it to multilanguage.

Consultancy, SEO, SEM (Google AdWords)

Not just a website.. but the idea of sharing a business model. We're not only experts in informatics but also in production-planning end enterprise policy. That's why we understand your needs and are committed to discuss with you every singol point of your project. And the need of improve SEO & SEM Techniques


We believe that for a business like yours Assistance is "a must": and we're committed to offer you simply the best: through Forum and Tickets we guarantee fast responses and quick solutions! Try our ticket system in the section "Support" or simply entering "http://romeofesti.eu/support"

The Greenest Hosting Plan!

Greengeeks Reseller plan is part of our high-quality service: Greengeeks's 5 stars 24/7 top assistance tells everything.. try it! Just to explain a bit better: your website need to be hosted (to be "placed") on a server that need maintenance on daily basis: we offer you simply the best solution. Period. And not last, the greenest: powered by CLEAN-ENERGY!!


Qui troverete news sul nostro lavoro, le nostre attività, i nostri consigli.
We publish news about our work, development, trends, discussions, suggestions.

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